Addison Electric: Keeps Production Running

Addison Electric has been working to aid the electrical motor industry since 1980. We are proud of what we have done and where we have gone in 22 short years. Addison electric is proud to bring solutions to those in need. We provide electrical parts and repair services for major production companies who use Electrical motors in their assembly lines.

We offer three main aspects to our business model. We provided parts and knowledge for systems integration as well as distribution models. We also supply service to these areas. We offer 24 hour support and stock of over $4,000,000 in product. We are your go to company when production is brought to a standstill.

We stock thousands of products to aid you in repair of your systems. We also offer completed used products if you are ever in need of such items. Contact a representative of Addison Electric to ensure what you are looking for is in stock. We have everything from AC Motors to Overload Relays. Come take a look at the vast amount of products we have. You will be sure to find what you are looking for and more!

Electrical Drives Are What We Do – Customer Service Is Who We Are!

Addison Electric, which originally opened its doors in 1980, began as a company focused on the needs of the customer. Since then, little has changed in that respect. Commitment to the customer has been one of the main driving forces of our company. Believing in top notch support and a desire to stock the items you need has led our company to be one of the largest and most reliable in our industry. By offering 24-hour support and stocking over $4 million in products, we are able to minimize your downtime.

Addison Electric offers products and services ranging from System Integration, Distribution, and Service. With our 24-hour support system, we will keep you running in your time of need. Addison Electric thrives on keeping your business going and growing. Our services don’t stop at electrical repair. We offer:

  • Full Service Motor Facility
  • Complete Rewind and Machine Shop
  • Repair All AC/DC/Motors
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Bearing, Brushes, and Brush
  • Holders in Stock
  • 600 HP Dyno Load Testing
  • Clutch and Brake Repair
  • Pump Repair

Addison electric is here to make your company run smoother, Fast, and smarter. Come check out some of our services. You won’t be disappointed.