Addison Electric Has the Digital Meters of Your Choice

Addison Electric is proud to be a part of the electrical supply and distribution business. We know that the parts we sell are used in a variety of applications worldwide. We aim to provide our customers with the top quality products they not only need, but deserve. Creating second rate items is the last thing you will see from a company such as Addison Electric.

Digital Meters are need in many different manufacturing processes. These meters will read the output and input of the machines you are using them on. This is needed to ensure the system is running smoothly. You will also want to know when to tone things down. This meter will help you read the efficiency as well as the times your unit is being over powered. Depending on the unit you purchase, so have auto features to scale back power or cut power entirely. This will prevent problems quicker than a human component will.

Electrical Indicators are an item you will need to run your manufacturing plant. We will work with you hand in hand to create an electrical solution that works well for you. We are here to make your life easier. Let us do that by contacting us. Get your FREE information today!

The Addison Electric Guarantee

Addison Electric is here to make things easier for your company. We are one of the top manufacturers and resellers of Electrical Components. These items are used for various applications within manufacturing facilities and other line assembly systems. We offer the electrical solution you need when something breaks down. Nothing is worse than having a production line down from a broken part. Addison Electric offers a wide range of electrical repair services to keep you up and running as well.

We offer a wide range of guarantees to keep your mind at peace. Some of these are:

  • We offer fast pickup and delivery
  • Same Day Shipping for Emergency Deliveries
  • Prompt Estimates on Repairs
  • 24 Hour Phone Service
  • Technical Assistance on Drive and Motor Problems
  • Fast, Free Estimates

Electrical Component Services is essential when it comes to running your business. Things will break, and you will need to know how to fix this yourself, or call someone who does. We have many years of experience running across all of our service technicians. We are always improving our skils and services sets to match your needs in the growing market.