DC Drives: Drive Your Business

DC Drives are an important part of many manufacturing facilities. These drives convert power into a different electrical form to be used in different processes. These drives are pivotal for keeping production running as well as being able to convert your power for different machines. This is essential when it comes to running your manufacturing business.

If you need a DC drive, we will have it. From fractional H.P. to 600 H.P., Addison Electric carries it all. We sell DC drives from manufacturers that include: Control Techniques – Control Techniques, our biggest seller, offers an unbeatable line of drives and quality. They offer everything you need from the lower H.P. Focus drives to the higher H.P. Mentor II and Quantum III Digital Drives ABB Bardac Fincor Dart.

Addison Electric knows that when your production line is down, you are losing a lot of money. That is why we are here to help. We offer repair services for your convenience. We know things break down, and it normally happens are the worst time. That is why were here with emergency repair services for all for your production line needs.

Addison Electric is here to Help!

AC Motors Addison electric is one of the largest distributors of AC motors in the United States. We offer the widest range in sizes and voltage. We will have exactly what you are looking for. We also offer all for the services that you will need in the future, such as electrical repair, supply chain repair, and system integration. We will be able to help you from the point of purchase, all the way until the end of the unit’s life. Then we will be able to start the process all over again.

AC Power Motors can be used in a variety of systems, such as manufacturing, assembly line work, automated systems, and much more. We offer the solutions of the future to keep your company relevant and on top of their respected field. We help take out the guesswork and ensure that you get the right motor. From a basic Blower Motor to Vector Duty and even Servos, we can help you figure out what you need. If there is an AC application out there, Addison Electric can handle it.

Currently we are offering a 60 HZ AC Motor that would be perfect for powering something with a speed range. This is ideal for when production changes speeds often. This could be due to the product type or because there are issue on the line. If you would like to learn more about these items, please call 800.517.4871.

Clutch Brake Repair Service

Addison electric has been supplying the greater Chicagoland area with a wide range of services and products to keep your production lines running smoothly. The Clutch Brake Repair Service works with you to create a custom solution to ensure you have limited down time. We understand when things are down, you are losing money. We aim to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Addison Electric also has a clutch and brake repair service. We service all makes and brands up to and include Reuland’s three phase brake stators. We can rewind and/or replace any OEM brake or clutch. Our technicians are well trained for the inspection and adjustment of this type of electrical equipment. These units are also wound with the same high quality materials as our stator rewinds. Addison Electric has provided top systems integration, product distribution and field support services for decades. Based in the Chicago land area, we serve businesses of all types throughout the Midwest. Please contact us to learn more.

We are here to help, so if you are in need of this services or one of our other services, then please contact us @ 1.800.517.4871.