AC/DC Motor Repair

AC/DC Motor Repair

Addison Electric’s repair shop can handle any AC Motor or DC Motor on the market. Our experienced technicians will diagnose your motors problem and fix it.

Dynamic Balancing

Bearing, Brushes, and Brush

Holders in Stock

600 HP Dyno Load Testing

Clutch and Brake Repair

Pump Repair

Starting with a basic Blower Motor to Vector Duty and Servos, Addison Electric can help you figure out your repair need. If there is an AC application out there, Addison Electric can handle it. We carry and repair AC motors from manufacturers including: U.S. Motors, Baldor, Leeson Worldwide, Lincoln, Marathon, Pacific Scientific, Emerson.

Fincor 2330 Non-Regenerative DC Drive w/Contactorless Control

Fincor 2330 Non-Regenerative DC Drive w/Contactorless Control


Versatile, easy-to-use single phase, 120V or 240V DC drives in standard wall mount (regen/non-regen), and bookshelf and card-slot (non-regen) configurations. Fincor single-phase DC drives provide a complete family solution – from the compact Series 2120 chassis drive to the powerful Series 2230 and it’s feature rich application specific options.

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