AC Frequency Drives

ACS150 AC Drive


The ACS150 provides the additional capability and range of offering to support the needs of customers controlling small AC induction motors. The drive features an easy to use operator interface and simple to set up, configure, and apply. MC Series – M1000 AC Drive

AC Tech Drives

The MC Series drives are built in rugged steel enclosures that hold up to daily life on the factory floor. The easy to read 16 character LCD display above the drive keypad allows for easy and intuitive set up as well as daily operation. This constant horsepower drive can be set up for simple applications requiring ramped start, ramped stop and speed control to demanding applications that require PID set-point control and many other functions. The MC Series consists of the MC1000 and MC3000 models; most applications will use the MC1000 with a keypad that includes Start, Stop, up, down, forward/reverse, Program/Run, Auto/Manual and Enter buttons. For non-reversing applications that require independent switching of start and stop from local to remote and speed control from auto to manual, the MC3000 series keypad replaces the forward/reverse button with Local/Remote.